Your baby is getting bigger quickly so let’s take a look at what to expect at 8 weeks pregnant and all the amazing things happening for you this week.

How big is my baby at 8 weeks pregnant?

The little beauty is growing about a 1mm every day. At 8 weeks your beautiful baby is about the size of a large jelly bean!

What is my baby doing?

Growing! In the last two weeks, your baby has quadrupled in size. Progress at 8 weeks sees the formation of their spinal cord, cute little bones, and some of their internal organs like intestines.

Your baby will determine its eye colour this week as well as forming their arms, legs and clear lines of their where their lower body will be (knees and ankles). They will now have lips, eyelids and a dinky cute nose!

At eight weeks your beautiful embryo will be starting to lose its reptilian look and will have almost lost their tail. The growth progress at this stage is actually incredible.

Changes in your body at 8 weeks pregnant

The amount of blood being pumped around your body to your womb increases this week, so you might notice that your heart rate is raised to support this blood flow.

Your body is very clever and around week 8 it produces a hormone called progesterone. This hormone helps relax your heart tissue and blood vessels to keep your blood pressure at optimum rates. You may also be faced with pregnancy cravings so be careful about the number of additional calories you might be consuming. Stick to the recommended 300 extra per day (600 if it is twins).

There are some things to watch out for like constipation and the dreaded piles. You might also get some headaches and remember to see your doctor if you need some help coping with the pain as any painkillers need to be baby safe.

Pregnancy symptoms this week

Morning sickness!

Keep eating if you can and remember that your baby is absolutely fine. Morning sickness tends to disappear around 9-12 weeks.

Keep a close eye on the colour of your urine. If you notice it going dark contact your GP and have a check immediately.

You might also notice fatigue and some discharge this week. The discharge (if milky) will likely be oestrogen and is produced by your body to help protect against infection. It is totally normal so don’t worry.

Things you should be doing at 8 weeks pregnant

Make sure you are consuming your daily fruit intake. The nutrients and vitamins are important for your baby.

Keep the exercise going too if you can!

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