During week 7 of pregnancy, you may not have signs of a bump yet.

Your body is busy making the magic happen and you should now have a lovely healthy pregnant glow (perhaps not when being sick over the toilet at 3 am with morning sickness).

How big is my baby at seven weeks pregnant?

Your baby now measures just under 1cm (almost half an inch), which is about the size of a raspberry and should start making its first moves this week. But don’t expect Saturday night Fever moves just yet!

What sort of symptoms can I expect at 7 weeks pregnant?

Weight gain

Although you’re not yet showing at 7 weeks pregnant, you may have noticed some weight gain and those favourite skinny jeans could be starting to feel a bit tight. Don’t worry, you aren’t anywhere near having to shop for maternity clothes just yet, but there is no harm in browsing now for the future.

Skin changes

Lots of mothers notice changes in their skin in week 7, and if you are one of the lucky ones you could be showing off a wonderful pregnancy glow. But don’t be alarmed if you suffer an outbreak of spots. This is quite normal and can happen because your skin reacts to the huge increase in pregnancy hormones.

You may also notice some cramping, lots more frequent urination, feeling fatigued, sore breasts, cravings and too much saliva (yuk!).

What is my baby doing inside me at 7 weeks?

There are lots of amazing changes taking place in your baby’s development at 7 weeks pregnant.

There is more complexity in your baby’s brain in week 7 and its skull would be visible (transparent) if you could take a look. There will also be some movement from your baby this week, but these are only tiny motions and you won’t be able to feel this movement until around week 18 of pregnancy.

Baby developments

There are lots of amazing things happening right now to your baby, such as:

  • genital formation
  • development of your baby’s arms, legs, hands, and shoulders
  • around 100 new brain cells every minute!
  • their cute little feet and hands are still webbed but this will quickly change as you move towards week 8.
  • development of the tongue, eye lenses, mouth and nostrils
  • spinal cord growth
  • heart, intestinal and lung development

Oh, your baby now has a couple of kidneys and will soon start producing its own wee!

Other symptoms to expect at 7 weeks pregnant

it is not uncommon to be suffering from swollen breasts in week 7. Consider going up a bra size if your breasts are now tender and itchy.

Does your hair feel very bouncy and healthy? Are you feeling like you are in your very own Herbal Essence commercial? This is because of all that extra oestrogen you’re producing right now.  

Happy days!

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