At 6 weeks pregnant your baby’s heart has started to beat!

Let’s take a look at the things happening to your body and baby at 6 weeks pregnant.

How big is my baby at 6 weeks pregnant?

Your baby is around 3-8mm in length and the size of one sweetcorn. This week their face will start to form and they should double in size to two bits of sweetcorn! COOL

Your body this week

Your kidneys have started to become very effective because they need to start removing more waste from your body. 

You may start to feel slightly sicky and the food cravings can see you want to eat foods that you have never wanted before. Other signs at six weeks pregnant include weeing a lot more because of pressure being placed upon your uterus (common at the beginning of your second trimester). Remember to keep drinking water no matter how annoying it becomes – your body needs to the H2o to keep things healthy and clean inside.

What’s your baby doing?

Your body is helping your baby to develop its cute little face at six weeks. Soon your baby will form its nostrils and mouth, its eyes and small folds on the side of the head will turn into ears!

As you move into week 7, your baby will develop little arms and legs, with tiny, tiny, tiny fingers and toes. Very cute.

Your baby might resemble a lizard at the moment because the spinal cord is developing quickly and looks like a tail.

If you have an ultrasound at six weeks your baby’s heart can be seen because it is already beating around 112 times a minute!

Other symptoms

Not much, only a bit of fatigue, breast tenderness, possibly morning sickness, and some bloating. In all seriousness, these symptoms don’t last too long. Remember your body is start to adapt to the wonderful changes that is going on inside your body right now and it will adapt as you move into trimester two.

It’s time to book an appointment with your doctor

If you haven’t already done so, it is time to book your first appointment with your GP or a local midwife so you can start to discuss your antenatal options. This is very important because your first appointment is used as a check-up, a pelvic exam and possibly a blood test/urine sample. 

Remember that the GP will want to discuss your medical and health history and will ask you questions about your mother mum and if she had any difficulties or complications when giving birth.

Make a list of questions for your doctor and do ask them, it really doesn’t matter how stupid they sound. At six weeks of pregnancy, there are NO stupid questions.

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