There is a lot to expect at 5 weeks pregnant so let’s take a closer look at the magic taking place in your body.

How big is my baby?


Your little person (embryo) is now the size of a grape seed and your baby’s embryo should already be around 2 mm in length.

Your little one will look a lot like a tadpole and its heart consists of two tiny channels known as heart tubes. Those two tiny tubes will come together to form a fully functioning heart in the first trimester.

A very important blood vessel is also forming between mum and baby, commonly known as the umbilical cord. The outer layer of the embryo will start to develop cells to help form a hollow tube known as the neural tube. This tube will eventually become your baby’s spinal cord and brain.

Now is a very good time to start taking a Folic acid supplement (400mg a day), which aids in the prevention of spina bifida. Lots of women start taking folic acid even before they become pregnant.

What’s my baby doing this week?

Your baby’s nervous system has started developing and your cells are laying the foundations for all its major organs.

Although it’s early days, their dinky heart will be taking shape as a tube-like structure and there will be blood vessels now forming to help circulate blood to promote the development process.

Changes in my body at 5 weeks pregnant?

You should have now missed a period and now would be a great time to take that pregnancy test, if you haven’t already done one.

Remember that mood swings are normal at this time because your hormones are starting to fluctuate. Also, keep a lookout for some early symptoms of pregnancy, such as exhaustion and tender breasts.

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