At 33 weeks pregnant things might be getting a little tough and you’re probably counting down the days!

Read on to learn more about the things happening to your body and baby this week.

How big is my baby at 33 weeks pregnant? 

Your baby will now weight in at around 4.2lbs and be touching 43cm in length (about the size of a pineapple).

Your little one will have likely manoeuvred into the head down position in your womb, preparing to move further down into your pelvis as their entry into the big wide world (and mums arms) creeps ever nearer.

It’s not uncommon for a baby at 33 weeks to have a full head of hair!

What’s my baby doing?

In week 33 of pregnancy your baby will be preparing itself for the birth.

Bone development

Their bones will be becoming stronger but remember, their skull will remain soft and flexible so they can overlap. This is important because at childbirth they need to be able to squeeze through the birth canal.

Your baby’s skull will not harden fully until 18 months, or in some cases longer. This is important because brain tissues grows during their childhood.

Fattening up

As your baby reaches the length he’ll measure at birth, he will be busy fattening up by around half a pound each week.

You will probably notice this growth because his kicks will feel stronger and you’ll likely face a shortness of breath as your little fatty starts to place some pressure around your lungs.


Immune system

Your baby’s immune system will now be fully operational. At 33 weeks pregnant little people start developing their fetal immune system as your body passes them antibodies. This is very important for their life outside of your cosy warm protective womb so they can ward off all sorts of germs.

Changes in your body

Many mums report feeling painless contractions at week 33 of pregnancy. These are known as Braxton Hicks contractions and are false labour pains. These contractions are nothing to worry about and lots of women experience false labour during the final trimester of childbirth. 

You may also be suffering from pains coming from the side of your beautiful baby bump. These are often caused by your expanding womb and are known as round ligament pains. If you are concerned about pregnancy pain in your final trimester always speak to your GP or midwife to make sure everything is on track.

Another common symptom of your changing body at 33 weeks pregnant is a lack of sleep. As your baby bump grows, try sleeping on your side. This will not only help you sleep better, but is safer for your baby than sleeping on your back, which is not advised for long periods at 33 weeks pregnant because it may affect the blood flow to your foetus.

What you should be doing this week?

At 33 weeks pregnant, you need to make sure your body gets the rest it needs. With all the hormonal changes, middle of the night wee runs, heartburn, wind, leg cramps, and a beachball-sized belly, sleep and rest are your besties right now.

Insomnia is very common at this stage of pregnancy because you have so much to think about and will likely be concerned about giving birth. Try to relax as much as possible now and make sure people around you are providing the right levels of support.

If you haven’t already done so, now’s a fantastic time to start thinking about breastfeeding. Talk to your GP or midwife about it or seek out some of the amazing free online breastfeeding videos.

Don’t forget that healthy eating during your pregnancy is more important than ever in your third trimester so keep eating those much need nutrients and remember to stay hydrated.

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