At 32 weeks pregnant you are now just a few months away from birth.

Discover how your baby is developing at 32 weeks pregnant, and read some great tips on preparing for your baby’s arrival.


How big is my baby at 32 weeks pregnant?

Do you remember that gorgeous Caribbean holiday when you ate that huge honeydew melon all to yourself? Well, your baby is now the size of that honeydew melon! Not to mention weighing in at around 3.5 lbs and 16 inches in length.

What’s my baby doing?

Practicing for life on the outside world

In the weeks leading up to birth, your baby will be starting to finalise all the practice needed to be able to cope with life outside of your womb. Kicking, swallowing and sucking are the three key activities for your baby at 32 weeks pregnant. Your baby will also be building up its fat stores and now has fingernails and even hair!

Growing up quickly


As space starts to become a little tight, your baby will also start to curl up more in the womb. This may mean less dancing but a little more wriggling! While a small part of you might be thinking ‘ok, enough now please get this watermelon out of me!’ hang on in there, mum.

If your baby does happen to be born at 32 weeks pregnant it’s highly likely that will go on to have very healthy, normal lives. By week 32 of pregnancy, all of a baby’s major organs are fully functioning except the lungs, which need just a bit more time to mature completely.

Changes to your body

Your body is a very intelligent piece of equipment when it comes to childbirth. At the moment your body will be gaining around 1.5 pounds of weight each week, half of which will go directly to your honeydew melon-sized baby.

Your body is so clever that it recognises the need to make sure your baby gains a third of its body weight between now and birth to prepare it for life. Amazing.

Lots of pregnant mums report some urine leakage at 32 weeks pregnant. This is because the uterus has moved to about 4.5 inches above the belly as the baby starts pressing against organs.

At 32 weeks pregnant, common symptoms include breathlessness, heartburn and some urine leaks. These pregnancy symptoms might also affect your appetite in the coming weeks, causing your hunger to wane.

Some expectant mums even feel nausea come back around this time but don’t panic because thankfully it won’t last long.

What you should be doing at 32 weeks pregnant

As your due date approaches, if you have someone special that will be sharing the event with you, now is the time to sit down and plan out the pregnancy.

Start thinking about what you need to do when your water breaks (which could result in a gush of fluid or just a trickle), packing a hospital bag, and how you intend on getting to the hospital. Familiarising you and your partner with the plan is a great idea this week.

Not long to go now and remember – you are owning this, Mum.

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