Your baby will be very mobile in the womb at 31 weeks pregnant and you might be starting to find things a little exhausting.

Let’s take a look at the amazing things happening to your body and baby at 31 weeks pregnant.

How big is my baby at 31 weeks pregnant?

What’s my baby doing this week?

Your baby is moving a lot now and they may be keeping you awake through the night. Their stretching, rotating and wriggling may even allow you to see their limbs when you are lying on your back or in the bath.

Remember, your baby needs to sleep too so their movement will be periodic. At 31 weeks pregnant babies tend to sleep for short periods of time, between 15 minutes and 35 minutes, night and day, and they sleep for no longer than 60/80 minutes. Your little kicker will tend to keep still when sleeping.

Speaking of kicking, your baby is getting bigger as each day passes, so space in your womb (uterus) is running out. your baby will likely have its legs up against its chest, in the classic fetal position.

Their sensory state is improving and developing quickly and they will continue to be practicing for life on the outside world by breathing, swallowing and sucking their thumb!


Changes in your body

Keep hydrating with your friend H2o as you might be noticing some sweaty moments. Perspiration is normal at 31 weeks pregnant and happens because your body is increasing its blood flow to support your baby’s development. You may also be noticing pins and needles in your hands, don’t panic, it’s normal and can happen due to fluid retention.


Lower back and hip pain is common this week because your pregnancy hormones are busy easing up all the ligaments and tendons that sit within your pelvic area so that your bones can prepare some space for childbirth.

It’s common to feel some back pain this week because your expanding uterus may be putting some pressure on your sciatic nerve. This is a nerve that runs down your buttocks and sits in the hip area. Don’t worry, this won’t impact on your baby and should start to ease up as your bones spread out.

Things to do this week

You should have an antenatal appointment coming up around now so make sure you use this time to raise any conditions, questions, issues or concerns you have with your midwife. 

Your delivery date is creeping closer, so it’s time to pack your hospital bag if you haven’t already. If you are struggling for ideas we have you covered here with our hospital bag checklist.

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