Your baby should be moving a lot at 29 weeks pregnant and your trips to the toilet will be far more frequent than you have faced so far in your pregnancy.

Let’s take a look at the amazing things happening to your body and baby at 29 weeks pregnant.

How big is my baby?

Your baby’s head will now be in proportion to the rest of its body. Their brain is becoming developed and advanced, with nerve cells now sending messages to control breathing and temperature.

Sensitivity to light, taste and sound start happening at 29 weeks pregnant and their tiny bones and muscles are growing stronger as every day passes in your third trimester.

Your baby will measure around 16 inches at 29 weeks pregnant, which is very close to its birth length. Weight-wise, they will weigh around 2-3 pounds now (and don’t you know it!), which is the size of one butternut squash!

What’s my baby doing at 29 weeks pregnant?

You will likely know all about your baby’s fondness for kicking and wriggling around, especially at those times you need it the least (sleeping!). Remember, your baby needs to find its most comfortable sleeping spot just like Mum.

You should now be tracking movement by taking a kick count twice a day.

Try not to panic if your baby is not moving as much as you think it should because there is no defined number of times a baby should be moving throughout the day. Every child is different but you should start to monitor kicks first thing in the morning and at the end of the day.

If you haven’t felt any movement for a while, try drinking a glass of ice-cold water, or take a light snack to increase blood sugar levels, to see if this gets the baby moving.

If that doesn’t work & you are worried about movement always give your GP or midwife a call and ask for some advice.

Changes in my body



Constipation can be a painful symptom at 29 weeks pregnant.

As you move through your third trimester, your hormones can cause your muscles to relax to help your body prepare for childbirth. Unfortunately, this can also prompt your bowels to become blocked up.

If you are suffering from constipation, make sure you are drinking plenty of water and look to eat probiotic foods (yoghurts are great). Probiotic bacteria is fantastic for your digestive system and will help your body process food.

Your Belly

At 29 weeks pregnant, your skin will be stretching and getting thinner as your baby bump grows.

This causes your skin to become more sensitive. You can ease this irritation by applying some moisturiser lotion and keeping yourself hydrated.

If you notice a rash always consult your GP or midwife.


Lots of women suffer from varicose veins in their third trimester.

This condition causes your veins to become swollen and bumpy in your legs. To ease the swelling try to elevate your legs as often as you can. Some women also find relief in wearing support tights, which can help to increase your circulation.

Frequent Toilet Trips

You are probably still heading to the toilet a lot more frequently than you would prefer right now. As your baby grows so does the frequency of those trips, unfortunately.

Do not start to take on less water. It is extremely important for you to continue with your hydration so keep drinking that H2’o!

What you should be doing at 29 weeks pregnant

Your next check-up appointment with your GP should be around 30 weeks so make sure you get this booked in.

At 29 weeks pregnant you can now officially start maternity leave, although most women prefer to work until a few weeks before the baby is due.

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