Your baby is moving into the correct position for birth at 28 weeks pregnant, as well as blinking, hiccuping, coughing, and breathing!

How big is my baby? 

Your baby is around 35cm from the bottom of their toes to the top of their head and weighs just under 1kg. That’s the size of an eggplant.

They look like a normal baby now, with their body falling into proportion with their head and their cute little face putting on some weight and filling out.

What’s my baby doing at 28 weeks pregnant?


Ever get that feeling that someone is listening in to your conversation? Well, that’s your beautiful little eavesdropping baby! Your baby is listening out for you and your partner’s voice, so make sure you start building up that lifetime bond.

Gaining weight

Gaining weight will keep your baby busy this week as they rapidly put on weight, therefore having less space to move around in the womb.

The position of your baby is very important. They should be in the breech position now, which is head-up bottom-down, Not all babies are in the right position by week 28 so don’t panic – most have no difficulty finding the head-down position before they are born.


The heartbeat of your baby can be heard through a stethoscope at 28 weeks pregnant. Ask your partner to rest an ear on your belly to see if they can hear it.

Lung development


Amazingly, your baby’s lungs will be strong enough now for them to breathe on the outside world – although they would probably need some assistance.

Here is a wonderful short video (with a happy ending!) about a baby called Alfie Knight, who was born three months early – at just 28 weeks.

Alfie weighed a little over 1lb and doctors said his chances of survival were low. Tiny Alfie had underdeveloped lungs and bowel problems, and his weak immune system made him vulnerable to infection.

Your body this week

As you start to move through your third trimester and the birth gets nearer, you will start seeing your GP and midwife for appointments every couple of weeks.

Swelling & cramps

Things can start to get a little more uncomfortable for mum in the 3rd trimester. You might be facing new symptoms like backache, cramps, heartburn and swollen hands or feet. Now is a great time to remove any jewellery and keep your feet elevated as often as possible to help reduce the swelling.

Pesky hormones

Your hormones might be causing the membranes in your nose to swell which could see you developing cold-like symptoms. If you are suffering with a stuffy nose, grab some baby-safe nasal spray to help alleviate some of the symptoms. Don’t worry – it won’t last more than a few weeks.

Sensitive skin


Your belly is a very sensitive part of your body because it stretches and you may be noticing sensitive skin. It’s common for parts of your body to become dry and flaky, or rashes to suddenly appear.

Other areas susceptible to rashes may include your bottom, thighs or hips. There are lots of different types of rashes that can strike through pregnancy.

Keep moisturising and remember to always check that the cream you use on your body is baby-safe!

What you should be doing at 28 weeks pregnant

It’s time to schedule your prenatal appointments. From your third trimester, it’s important to see your GP or midwife every 2 weeks. After 35 weeks, you will see them every week. Take some time this week to schedule all these appointments.

At 28 weeks pregnant, your blood is normally tested for anaemia. Your blood will be checked for the antibodies (known as anti-D antibodies) that destroy RhD positive red blood cells. If you have the blood group ‘Rhesus-negative’ you will likely be offered an injection of a medication called anti-D immunoglobulin. This medication helps reduce the risk of your baby developing rhesus disease.

If you’re still deciding the name for your baby, grab a cuppa and read our blog on how to choose a name for your baby.

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