Red and yellow and pink and blue, orange and purple and green, well, probably more likely blue or brown! Yup, at 27 weeks pregnant your baby’s eyes will be determining their colour!

Let’s take a look at all the magical things happening to you and your baby this week.

How big is my baby? 

Your beautiful baby will be curled up in the uterus in its fetus position and by the end of your second trimester at 27 weeks pregnant, will measure around 15 inches long. They will be putting on weight quickly and they should now weigh around 2 pounds.

That’s about the size of a cauliflower!

What’s my baby doing at 27 weeks pregnant?

Survival Outside the Womb

Your baby’s lungs are continuing to develop and prepare for breathing postpartum. The very small air sacs in the lungs (alveoli) will be expanding, which will help your baby inhale and exhale air after birth.


A baby’s brain has several different areas that control everything they do. Each area has literally millions of brain cells called neurons.

Your baby will be busy forming brain neurons and making a system of complex connections. These neurons will communicate together and pass chemical messages across tiny spaces called synapses. It’s often easier to think of these messages and the brains ‘wiring’.


At 27 weeks pregnant your baby is sleeping, waking, opening their eyes and even sucking their thumb. Moreover, your baby can hear your voice this week but sounds will still be muffled. This is because their teeny weeny ears are still coated in vernix caseosa, a waxy coating still on their skin.



If you’re noticing weird fluttering movements in your belly, don’t worry – it’s most likely hiccups. As your little person continues to develop their lungs, the chances of them having a bout of hiccups increases.


Eye pigmentation will be formed by 27 weeks pregnant. Although most babies are born with blue pigmentation, the colour of their eyes often changes post-birth. In fact, your baby’s eye colour can change up to 2 years old.

Changes in your body

A lot of expecting mothers report itchiness in the belly area at 27 weeks pregnant. Remember to moisturise often throughout the day to alleviate any of these symptoms as your belly continues to be stretched.


Around this stage of your pregnancy, many pregnant women experience swelling. You might have started noticing swelling in your feet, hands or ankles. This type of swelling is called oedema. It happens when fluids build up in the body tissues due to increased blood flow.

If you have noticed some difficulty squeezing into shoes, or removing your wedding rings, keep in mind that this type of swelling in pregnancy is completely normal and thankfully temporary.

If your swelling symptoms are uncomfortable always talk to your GP because it can be a sign of preeclampsia.

What you should be doing at 27 weeks pregnant?

Remember to keep yourself well hydrated, moisturised and try to snack on smaller meals more often throughout the day to help with your stretching belly.

Have you decided on where and how you want to give birth yet? If you’ve decided on a hospital birth, now’s a good time to make contact with your labour ward to organise a visit. Taking a trip to see your maternity ward is a great way to make sure you and your partner are both familiar with the environment when you eventually have your baby.

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