You will likely be feeling rather tired and generally a little exhausted at 25 weeks pregnant. This is perfectly normal so try to get as much rest as you can.

Read on to learn about the things happening to your body and baby this week.

How big is my baby? 


Your little person is getting bigger! Your baby weighs almost 650g (1.4lb) by 25 weeks pregnant, which is about the size of a cauliflower, and measure a little over 33cm from head to heel.

What’s my baby doing?

Chunking up

The lean look will soon be exchanged for a chunkier frame as your baby continues to store essential fat. As the fat is stored, your baby will lose its wrinkly skin and begin to look a lot more like a newborn.

Hair we go again!

Hair will be growing on your beautiful baby in week 25 of pregnancy and if you could see it you would be able to distinguish the texture and colour.

And, breath…

Your baby will also continue taking those first breaths of amniotic fluid through its nose as it prepares for life outside the womb.

Thumb sucking

Did you know that babies often start sucking their thumbs in the womb?  Amazing as it sounds, it’s quite common behaviour for babies to start practising thumb sucking this week.

Changes in your body


Big belly

You might be feeling a little clumsy this week and this is because your uterus has grown to the size of a volleyball. Moving around will start to be a challenge as you get larger.

As your belly stretches you might find that you start suffering from an itchy belly. Try to moisturise your growing belly as often as possible to help your body cope with the changes.

Burping & indigestion

Everyone loves a good burp. If you’re finding yourself burping more than you normally do there is no need to worry. Indigestion and heartburn are very common symptoms of pregnancy at 25 weeks pregnant. If you are burping a lot, struggling to eat your normal-sized meals, or feeling a burning in your chest, check in with your GP to see if they can help.

You may find you’re burping more than you normally do – but don’t worry, this is very common. If you are struggling to eat your normal-sized meals, getting a tight burning in your chest, feel nauseas, or even feeling bloated, then this is probably indigestion or heartburn. It helps to eat smaller meals and don’t be shy in asking your GP for solutions on how to manage these symptoms.

Fuller hair

You may have started to notice a fuller head of hair this week. Don’t worry, you’re not growing more hair on your head! Those pesky pregnancy hormones are keeping the hair around that your body would normally shed.

Pretend you’re a shampoo model for as long as possible because the extra hair will disappear after you give birth.

Pale skin

If you notice a lack of colour in your skin tone then you might be suffering from an iron deficiency. This is known as amenia.

Amenia is actually a very common pregnancy symptom, so if your skin tone is whiter than normal make sure you speak to your GP so you can be tested.

What you should be doing this week


Feeling overwhelmed? Want some more options and naming inspiration? Check out our lists of inspired baby names.

Birthing plans

Week 25 is a great time to start thinking about your birth plan. Remember, your labour will be specific and individual to you. Lots of mothers prefer a regular birth in a maternity ward, whilst other mums want a birthing centre or even home birth.


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