You are almost at the five month milestone of your pregnancy and you may start to feel your baby moving at 19 weeks pregnant.

Read on to learn more about all the magical things happening to you and your baby this week.

How big is my baby? 

Your little baby is, well, starting to become not so little anymore. At 19 weeks pregnant your bundle of joy will be around the size of a pear.

Have you noticed an increase in little jabs recently that feel like you’re growing your very own mini-boxer? Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal at 19 weeks pregnant. Your baby’s legs will now be longer than their arms. This makes it a lot easier for your beautiful baby to let you know they are there!

Don’t panic if your baby hasn’t been kicking around more frequently this week. If you are concerned do make sure you speak to your midwife or GP for reassurance – it’s what they are there for.

You can expect your baby to be around 6.0 inches long and 8.5 ounces in weight this week.

What’s my baby doing at 19 weeks pregnant?

As well as growing super long legs and letting you know all about it with the kicks, your baby will also be starting to store more fat.

Their skin pigmentation will start to form and Vernix caseosa has started coating their skin. This coating is a greasy, cheese-looking coating that helps regulate your baby’s body temperature. It also protects their skin while it’s covered in amniotic fluid. At childbirth, most of the cheesy white vernix is gone.

Your baby’s heartbeat is now beating a twice the rate of your heart and

Your body this week


You may face some cramping in the legs this week. Weirdly, no one knows exactly what causes leg cramps in pregnancy. It might be that your leg muscles are simply fatigued from all that extra weight you’re carrying around.

It could also be something to do with compressed blood vessels due to an expanding uterus. To cope with cramping simply straighten out your leg and point your toes back towards your body. Hold this position as hard as you can until the cramp subsides.

Getting kicked!

It’s very common for little kicks and prodding to start between weeks 18 and 21. The thinner you are the more likely you will be to feel these movements. It also has a lot to do with your baby’s position.

Those flutters and movements can be quite a shock at first. Before long you will love feeling your little baby knock at your door (so to speak!).

Eating for two

Are you finding yourself alone, head buried deep in the fridge, hands full of goodies? It’s absolutely fine to indulge yourself but try and replace the junk food with nutritious pregnancy treats. Healthy eating through your pregnancy has enormous benefits for you and your baby.

What you should be doing at 19 weeks pregnant

Keep a close eye on your wee from this week. Pregnant mothers have an increased risk of urinary tract infections. This is because of an increased risk of building up bacteria within the bladder.

If you are using the toilet more often than normal, or if you have any burning when you urinate, speak to your GP immediately. Your GP will likely prescribe you a dose of antibiotics but remember cranberry juice is also your friend!

Next week you will be due your 20-week ultrasound scan, often referred to as the mid-pregnancy or anomaly scan. If you haven’t already booked this scan then you should contact your GP.

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