Your baby bump should be noticeable at 16 weeks pregnant and you will feel some changes taking place in your body.

Weighing in at around 3.8 ounces (108 grams) and measuring almost 12 cm in length, your baby can now hold their head erect and can frown and even squint!

How big is my baby?

At 16 weeks pregnant your baby is about the size of an avocado!

What’s my baby doing at 16 weeks pregnant?

Your baby is starting to make facial expressions, has a fully functional pumping heart, and can hold their head properly!

Aside from looking much more like an actual baby, they can also hear sounds at 16 weeks pregnant. If you haven’t started telling them your life story yet now is a great time to start!

Here are some other amazing things your baby is doing this week:

  • Developing the bones in their ears to improve their hearing.
  • Finish growing the umbilical cord.
  • Sucking their thumb (cute!).
  • Practicing swallowing and developing their taste buds.
  • Yawning (seriously).

Changes in your body

Weight gain is now probably starting to get real.

You may now be able to tell that there’s definitely a baby in your tummy! It’s quite normal for you and your baby to have gained considerable weight at 16 weeks pregnant. If you haven’t gained as much weight as you would have expected don’t panic. All pregnancies are individual, different — and normal.

Incredibly, there are some women that don’t yet look noticeably pregnant at 16 weeks pregnant.


Your baby bump is linked to your size, shape and if it’s your first, second or third or more pregnancy.

Try not to compare your size at 16 weeks pregnant with other people. If you do have some concerns, or questions about your size, talk to your GP or midwife for some reassurance.

What you should be doing this week?

You should have a 16-week antenatal appointment where your midwife will give you a check-up to make sure your blood pressure is normal and you will be asked to take a urine test. This is a good time to ask your midwife for some information about your next ultrasound scan, the anatomy scan.

It’s common for mums to be offered the whooping cough vaccine between 16-30 weeks of pregnancy. Think carefully about your choices and make sure you talk to friends and family if you need guidance and support.

If you haven’t yet thought about what type of baby shower you’d like to have now is a great time to give it some thought. Check out our helpful baby shower guide for lots of helpful suggestions and tips.

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