When you reach the milestone of 14 weeks pregnant your baby will be starting to use facial muscles to smile and grimace and will have fully developed genitals.

Here’s all you need to know about what your baby and your body are doing at 14 weeks pregnant.  

How Big Is My Baby At 14 Weeks Pregnant? 

You baby will be around 4 inches in length, weigh just under 2 ounces and be the size of a lemon.


What’s My Baby Doing?

Your baby will be flexing to try and stand up straight and can keep its head up and there could now be some hair on its head and eyebrows.

Hairy Business

Most babies at fourteen weeks have developed a thin layer of hair on their face. This hair is known as lanugo and develops to help keep your baby nice and warm.

Your baby may be covered in lanugo by your third-trimester but this hair will (thankfully) disappear before childbirth.

Toilet Breaks

This week your baby will likely have its first trip to the toilet. This is perfectly normal as the kidneys start working to pass swallowed fluid as urine.

Their intestines will also start producing meconium, which will make the first few nappy changes tar-textured.

Changes In Your Body

Trimester two is very often referred to as the most beautiful period of a pregnancy.

Baby Bump

There is nothing quite like the unforgettable smiles family, friends, and even strangers, give to expecting mums when a baby bump is openly visible.


Make sure you enjoy every moment of all those warm sentiments you’ll start receiving.

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness should now be a thing of the past and your breasts will hopefully not be so tender. The real beauty of your pregnancy starts to arrive this trimester because people (and you) start to notice your wonderful baby bump.

Weight Gain

You may have started to notice some weight gain. This is perfectly normal in trimester two and acts as a good reminder to start thinking about maternity clothing.

What You Should Be Doing At 14 Weeks Pregnant

Get Active

You are much more susceptible to picking up bugs and viruses at 14 weeks pregnant. This is because mother nature dampens your immune system during pregnancy to make sure your fetus is not rejected by your body.

To keep your immune system in good condition now is a great time to choose a pregnant friendly exercise routine. Yoga and swimming are both suitable popular choices for pregnancy exercise. If you struggle to find time for exercising, then your routine could be something as simple as a 15 minute walk.

Try to keep active at least three times a week at this stage of your pregnancy.

Stay Germ Free

You need to keep yourself as germ-free as possible now. This means washing your hands properly, always carrying hand sanitizer, and trying not to share drinks. It goes without saying that you need to avoid being around people that are sick.

If you think you have a virus always make sure you check with your GP before you self-diagnose and rush out to buy any medication.

Have Sex!

Now that first-trimester nausea has subsided (hopefully), now is a great time to re-connect with your partner.

In week 14 of pregnancy, your belly isn’t uncomfortably large so make the most of it before things become a little trickier!

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