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Congratulations on your pregnancy! Come with us on a wonderful journey to explore all about you and your baby’s development, with our week-by-week pregnancy guide.

You could be a mum of many, or an excited first-time mum-to-be. Our week-by-week pregnancy guide provides you with the expert and helpful pregnancy advice you need.

Learn about the magical changes happening right now inside your body. Our guide helps you to understand your baby’s key developmental milestones, provide you with useful tips on diet and exercise, and even help you choose a name!

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Our week-to-week pregnancy guide will help you understand the magical and fascinating development curve of your beautiful baby and your body.

All the information you will ever need is neatly laid out for you and broken down by week, month and trimester, right up to your birth.

In the very first few weeks of pregnancy, many mums don’t even realise they’re expecting a baby. There are many wonderful changes going on inside your body that you will uncover within our week-by-week pregnancy guide.

When you reach week 2 of your pregnancy the sex of your baby will have already been decided! Your baby’s tiny brain also starts to develop and form in the first few weeks of pregnancy. At just week six of your pregnancy, your baby’s heart is already beating away!

By the time you reach the end of your first trimester (week 12), you will be ready to have your first scan. This will provide you with the first image of your wonderful little baby and you will have your second scan at around 19/20 weeks.

Time seems to move forward very quickly throughout your pregnancy journey.

At 26 weeks you start to enter into your third and final trimester with things really heating up at the 34 weeks milestone when your body starts to prepare itself for birth. At just 37 weeks your baby will move towards full size in preparation for life in the outside world!

Time appears to move very quickly when you are moving through your pregnancy which is why it’s super important to enjoy every single moment of it.

Our pregnancy guide will take you through each week starting from the very beginning of your wonderful journey.

1st Trimester

2nd Trimester

3rd Trimester

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