Simply spending some quality time with your life partner is a great way to help you start the process to conceive.

Try to do activities together in your spare time and make sure that you both enjoy them. Quality time alone together can heighten the emotional aspects of your relationship and help remove some of the stress that so easily builds up when you are trying to conceive a baby.

When a couple decides to try for a baby, it is a wonderful and exciting time. It’s quite normal for couples not to think about some of the challenges of conception until faced with them. Many couples are faced with difficulties in conceiving a child but there are lots of things that can be done to help increase the chances of having a baby.

Acupuncture treatment for fertility


Acupuncture has been used by Chinese medics for thousands of years and is often used to help couples conceive.

This treatment has a very positive effect on fertility, especially when used in conjunction with IVF.

Research into its effects on fertility is somewhat incomplete but there are smaller studies that have shown that it can be beneficial.

You can find reputable accredited acupuncturists here.

Have sex at the right time (ovulation)

Your chances of becoming pregnant greatly depend on your menstrual cycle and its regularity. Females are at their most fertile between the twelfth and eighteenth day of your cycle.

Remember, ovulation is most likely to happen on day fourteen (this is based on a regular, twenty-eight day cycle.)

You can predict your most likely day of ovulation by subtracting fourteen from the total length of your own menstrual cycle. For example, if your cycle is twenty-eight days, subtract fourteen to arrive at your optimum date of fertility. Nevertheless, women’s menstrual cycles do vary greatly; consequently, your day of ovulation may either be before or after day fourteen.

Having sexual intercourse when you are ovulating will obviously increase your chances of getting pregnant. Couples should try to have sex at least three times per week if they are trying for a baby.

After you have had intercourse, try not to get up or move around for at least twenty minutes. This will help to keep your partner’s sperm inside your body, again, increasing the likelihood of falling pregnant.

Nutrition and Diet

Having good nutrition and eating a sensible, healthy diet plays a hugely important role in the conception process.

Try to eat a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, lean protein, wholegrain, fibre-rich foods, such as brown bread, and rice and pasta.

There are lots of healthy vitamins and nutrients that are found in certain foods can also help you become pregnant.

Here are some examples:

Leafy green vegetables, such as cabbage, kale, broccoli, lettuce and spinach, are all high in folic acid, a vitamin which is incredibly important for both mother and child.

Folic acid supports the development of a foetus and can prevent debilitating defects, including spina bifida.

It is also essential for the reproductive and general health of a woman.

Folic acid can also be found in bread and cereals and can be taken as a vitamin supplement.

Lean meat or beans and pulses are very rich in protein and iron. These important nutrients help to keep iron levels high in the body. A blood count low in iron can affect the general health of the ovaries and may interfere with ovulation.

Remember to fill your diet with eggs, nuts and seeds, dairy products, yeast, wholegrain foods, lean meat and shellfish. Dairy products are rich in calcium, which everyone needs to maintain healthy bones and teeth.

If you are trying for a bay make sure that you consume enough calcium in order for your body to support a developing fetus.

It’s best to make an appointment with your GP to discuss any issues you may have if you have been trying to get pregnant for more than one year, or you are feeling very unhappy.

Should your GP think there is a genuine complication, they can arrange for you to see a fertility specialist.

Stay fit & healthy and maintain your body weight

Pregnancy places a huge strain on your body. Making sure you are fit before you start your pregnancy journey will help your body cope after you conceive.

If you’re someone that is in good condition before you conceive, you are much more likely to remain active throughout your pregnancy. Exercise helps improve your energy level and is fantastic for your mental health. Exercise is also proven to help reduce stress levels, which is very important when it comes to successfully conceiving a baby.

There is no doubt that maintaining a healthy body weight will help you to conceive, which is why many mothers to be try and achieve an ideal weight before attempting to get pregnant. Don’t go to Dr Google to determine your ideal weight! Your GP should be able to provide you with further information on what your healthy weight should look like.

No smoking, drugs or alcohol!

It is advisable to avoid smoking, alcohol and recreational drugs when you decide to try and get pregnant. This also applies to the duration of your pregnancy.


Giving up smoking and recreational drugs will vastly improve your chances of concieving and maintaining a healthy pregnancy and a baby.

Many of us like to have a social drink (or two!). Drinking alcohol throughout your pregnancy can sometimes lead to long-term harm for your baby. Obviously the more alcohol you consume then the greater the risk to the baby. If you are currently pregnant or planning to conceive, it is wise not to drink any alcohol at all. This approach manages reduces the possibility of any risks to your baby.

If your partner enjoys recreational drugs, smokes or likes to drink alcohol, then it is advisable that they too try and reduce these substances whilst you are trying to get pregnant.

Better still, stop taking them altogether. Smoking, taking drugs for recreational use and drinking alcohol can all reduce the quality of sperm the man produces, which may impact on your chances of conceiving.

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