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Feeding through the night can be lonely and exhausting so we sourced the 10 best podcasts for your night feeds.

Your newborn baby needs to feed every few hours and doesn’t understand the difference between night and day yet. As a new parent, you can’t escape those through the night feeds and they quickly become a very tiring routine. Most parents spend endless hours awake through the night feeding their baby in those early months.

Feeding your baby through the night can sound like the perfect opportunity for you to catch up on some reading. But trying to read small text on a 6-inch mobile screen at 3.30 a.m. can be very stressful.

This is why podcasts are so popular.

Podcasts are like audiobooks and tend to be free. You can search for different content via a podcast app on your mobile phone (android and apple). Once you find a show you want to listen to all you have to do is sit back and click play! Check out a guide on how to access podcasts here if you’d like to find out exactly how they work.

There are literally thousands of podcasts to choose from and most celebrities and experts now have their own shows. Parents can use podcasts to access amazing free content from a host of contributors. From parenting experts and qualified doctors to child psychologists and celebrity parents. There is something for everyone.

#1: Scummy Mummies 


Scummy Mummies is in the top three of most podcast recommendations for new parents. These podcasts are produced by two comedians, Ellie Gibson and her best friend Helen Thorn.

Both will have you educated and rolling in laughter at the same time. This a great podcast for parents looking for honest and often heartwarmingly hilarious parenting comedy.

#2: Motherkind


The Motherkind Podcast is currently the UK’s top-rated family podcast on i-tunes.

It’s a wonderful podcast series run by a mum called Zoe, who chats with some of the world’s leading experts on a range of topics.

Some of the topics covered include self-care, mental health, careers, nutrition, and parenting. The Motherkind podcasts do lean towards mums, but there are so many podcasts available new dads will also find it hugely resourceful.

Other reasons to love The Motherkind Podcasts are because they have some very well known guest appearances and provide a platform for those less known parenting experts. This approach offers up a huge selection of content that attracts a very eclectic and loyal following.

#3: Breaking Mum & Dad: The Podcast by Anna Williamson


Anna Williamson is the best-selling author and TV presenter and uses her podcast to interview celebrity parents.

Breaking Mum & Dad is a podcast about having frank and open conversations with celebrity parenting pals and other well-known bloggers. Anna’s topics tackle important subjects like post-natal depression, loneliness, and fertility. The content is very helpful for parents trying to deal with all the common, yet unspoken, newborn parenting challenges.

Finding podcasts for your night feeds can be tricky, but if you like raw, head-on conversations, and the celebrity world of parenting (and gossip), then Anna’s podcasts will be right up your street!

#4: Radio 5’s Bump Club


The Bump Club is from BBC Radio 5 and hosted by Edith Bowman and Colin Murray.

It’s a content-rich podcast resource covering all the major pregnancy challenges.

The Bump Club connects directly with its members and this allows the show’s hosts to provide an honest, frank, and at times hilarious view of parenting.

There is always lots of advice and in-depth features, along with personal experiences and anecdotes from celebrity mums and dads-to-be. It’s a handy podcast for parents interested in listening to real stories on a broad selection of pregnancy topics.

#5: Beardy Dads


Nick O’Leary and Roo Reynolds are dads from the United Kingdom. We absolutely adore this 31-episode podcast series made back in 2015. The Beardy Dads podcast is a must-listen podcast for all Dads.

When we think about some of the funniest podcasts for your night feeds, the beardy dads have to be included. They tackle a broad selection of parenting topics (and nightmares) and provide a very detailed overview of exactly what content each podcast covers.

#6: Motherhood Sessions


The Motherhood Podcast sessions are hosted by a psychiatrist called Alexandra Sacks (M.D).

Alexandra has worked for the New York Times and also published the award-winning book, What No One Tells You: A Guide to Your Emotions from Pregnancy to Motherhood.

The Motherhood podcasts are very engaging and produce high-quality content. Alexandra is a renowned reproductive psychiatrist and uses her experience to talk to mothers about topics that are often hard to have outside of a therapist’s office. T

he focus is mainly on women and all their experiences of motherhood.

#7: The Long Road to Baby


We couldn’t produce a list of parenting podcasts without including the Radio 4 documentary series from last year, The Long Road to Baby.

These acclaimed podcasts track a couple and their personal experiences of trying to start a family. They tackle IVF, deal with adoption, and all the different ways that people become parents.

These podcasts include some of the most heartwarming beautiful stories and experiences you will ever hear in a podcast series.

#8: The Everyday Mum Podcast


Heidi started her podcast, The Everyday Mum, to try and de-clutter a chaotic world following her fourth child.

If you’re looking for helpful parenting hacks, new recipes, exercises, homework help, or just want to know where Heidi likes to go and hide in her house when she has had enough of her kids and needs a break, then this is your kind of podcast!

#9: Mindful Parenting in a Messy World Podcast


The Mindful Parenting podcasts are by Michelle Gayle.

Michelle is a mindfulness teacher and shares a collection of supportive conversations, meditations, and nuggets of practical wisdom to help parents.

The podcast series focuses on parents looking to cope with the demands and complexities of modern life, especially once these are accelerated by a new baby.

Michelle is also the author of Mindful Parenting in a Messy World, Living with Presence and Parenting with Purpose.

#10: The Boob Group Podcast


The Boob Group podcast supports parents who are passionate about providing breast milk to their babies. This podcast is an important addition to our top ten podcasts for your night feeds.

Every week, a group of experienced mothers talk openly about their successes, struggles, and society’s impact on how they feed their babies. The show provides an honest and judgment-free approach to breastfeeding, pumping, milk sharing, and all things breast milk!

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