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Naming a baby is much easier for parents today than for previous generations. When you first think about how to choose a name for your baby the internet is a fantastic starting point.

Firstly, there are so many more names to choose from, and there are no longer and societal consequences should you prefer ‘Starfinder’ rather than something more conservative like David.

Interestingly, almost half of all men born in the UK back in the 1800s had the same four names!

There are now a lot more options than four names but you might be thinking about how your baby’s name could shape his or her future? If so, you’ll be very relieved to know that names in today’s world have very little impact on a child’s school performance or future prospects.

Unusual names are now so common that they are no longer termed ‘unusual’.

Naming your baby is a big decision, but you can have fun with the process.

Take a look at these ideas for dreaming up some names you and your child will love.

How to choose a name for your baby

  • Research. There are so many Baby naming books and websites out there listing ideas, often including the meanings behind various names
  • Question everyone. Ask your friends and family what they think of your current ‘possible’ list
  • Say it out loud and write it down with your surname. You may not like the way it looks or sounds
  • Be creative. Nicknames are important. You may love the name Valentino for a boy, but gasp in horror when all his friends at school all start calling him ‘Tino’!!  
  • Simple can be simply the best. Unusual spellings can seem cool and clever but think about how your child will feel about it and imagine how much time your child might spend over a lifetime trying to explain their name on the phone or correcting it on job forms
  • A small list at least a month before the big date is cool. It’s absolutely fine for you to hold off until your baby is born before reaching your final decision. Many parents wait until they meet their new family member before deciding on what fits

Practical aspects of baby naming that you might want to consider

  • Your family heritage. A name can often pay a warm and lovely tribute to a loved one and acknowledge family history and ties to ancestors. You may want to give your baby a close relative’s surname, middle name, or maybe even just their initials
  • Check what’s popular. Don’t rule out a name just because its common. Names that may be popular today could be less common as your little one grows into an adult
  • Choosing a classic name. If you appreciate rich traditions held in an old-fashioned name go with it but try to think about how the child will feel growing up at school and at work in future years
  • Remember trends change. Current baby-naming trends can come from social media and populist events such as royal birth announcements. Remember, trends arrive quickly but often fade just as fast

Naming your baby is a beautiful and privileged event but it comes with great responsibility but deciding upon a name for your baby is a huge commitment. Should you go with a classic name, or try and be a bit trendy and popular?

Popular or unique?

And, if it’s unique, how do you know it isn’t going to become popular in a few years?

Decision, decisions, decisions.

When you think about naming your baby you need to do some research. We have your back and have pulled together a list of the most current popular names for girls and names for boys, along with some data that shows the trends over the years and some of the predictions about how names may take shape in the future.

Choose a name for your baby that might become popular

The internet is a fantastic tool to conduct your baby name search and The Social Security Administration (SSA) is an organisation with an online resource that has been keeping track of the popularity of baby names. It has data going way back to 1879! 

There is also a brilliant website called Nameberry, which logs names that start creeping up before the appear on the SSA database. According to Nameberry, the names on fire so far in  2020 are  Diego for boys and  Mika for girls. They also helpfully have unisex names such as  Marlowe, and Shea.

Parents are using baby names from other parts of the world

There is evidence out there to suggest that names such as like Axel and Mateo and Nordic names like Leif and Thor, are growing in popularity in the United Kingdom. 

Keep calm and use a Royal name?

The monarchy often acts as a trend setter for baby names and recent data suggests that the name Meghan jumped almost 50 percent for girls right after the wedding. Archie was actually a very popular name even before Harry and Megan decided to adopt it for their son.

Nicknames are also an interesting option to consider for parents. You have the likes of Izzy creeping up in popularity and Ricky as is Cassie, Toni, Nell, and Tori (all doubling in popularity in 2020)

Step back in time and take a name from the ’20s or the ’90s?

Robert, John, Mary, Dorothy, and Charles are just a handful of 20s inspired names in the rise in 2020.

Other parents are looking to their recent youth (the 90s) and adopting names like Joshua, Jacob, Daniel,  Emily, Sarah, and Jessica.

Pop-culture is a massive baby name influencer and data suggests it is going to get even bigger!

Use the Force Luke.

It is no surprise with the recent burst of  Disney Star Wars films and cartoons that names like Ezra, Hera, Kanan, Rex and Ahsoka are the fastest growing pop culture names in 2020.  

Be careful if you decide to choose popular culture baby names because they may sound a little bizarre in 20 years!

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