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There is nothing quite like you and your toddler enjoying your first film together but finding films that you and your child will enjoy is not always easy.

I can remember watching Toy Story at home with my son when he was just three-years-old. He very nearly made it through the whole film without a toilet break and I’ll never forget the excitement building up to the event and his little face when the film started. Toy Story was a film my toddler and I both absolutely loved watching together.

You need to think carefully when choosing films for your toddler because it might be a bit boring, too lengthy, or even a little bit frightening.

We have carefully selected some of our personal favourite toddler safe films that we also thoroughly enjoyed watching with them.

So, it’s time to grab the popcorn (or a healthier snack!) and settle down with some of these classics.

Films that parents and toddlers will both enjoy 

Dumbo Kids Film

10. Dumbo

Often overlooked by parents, Dumbo is a Disney classic. We haven’t met a toddler or parent yet that didn’t like a cartoon about an Elephant with massive floppy ears that could fly.

9. Frozen

Frozen Film Poster

“Let is snow…..let it snow”……Ok, what happens when you put a Disney Princess movie together with funny characters and an amazing sign-along soundtrack? You have one and a half hours of fun for your toddler. There won’t be a dry eye left in the room at this end of this classic.

8. Despicable Me

Despicable Me Film Poster

A beautifully funny animated film that not only has great characters but also brings us The Minions!

Every toddler’s favourite, The Minions really make this film. The villain ends up becoming a loveable rogue with a heart of gold.

7. The Jungle Book (the original)

Jungle Book Film Poster

There is nothing wrong with the remake, but the original Jungle Book in our opinion just can’t be topped. Disney serve up a classic animated story about a little orphan boy raised by animals in the Jungle.

Let your toddler fall into the world of little boy Mowgli as he works his way through Monkey City searching for a magical missing bracelet.

A beautiful timeless classic that your toddler will one day want to share with your grandchildren.

6. Cars

Disney Cars Film poster

We love animated movies made by Pixar. You and your toddler will be very excited to meet the fastest car in the land, Lightning McQueen, as he battles his way to the winning the Piston Cup Championship in the first film of this three-film franchise’s.

5. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (the original)

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Film POster

There is nothing wrong with the recent remake of this classic but we prefer the original British musical from 1968.

Take your toddler on a journey to watch a beautiful much-loved film about the magical flying car. You will both be mesmerised by this classic story telling of a different era.

The soundtrack is truly fantastic and your toddler will be singing songs from this classic for years to come.

4. The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie Film Poster

No list of films your toddler and you will enjoy would be complete without The Lego Movie.  

Parents will recognise the voice of Chris Pratt (The Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World) who plays ‘everydude’ as he tries to take on an evil corporate warlord who wants Legoland locked forever.

The film is amazing and includes references from Star Wars characters through to your toddler’s favourite superheroes. A rollercoaster ride that your toddler and you will thoroughly enjoy.

 3. Shaun the Sheep Movie

Shaun The Sheep Film Poster

It might be a surprise to see a Sheep movie at number 3 of our list of movies that your toddler and you will enjoy.

We adore this beautiful Aardman Animation (think the studio that made Wallace & Gromit and the amazing Chicken Run). A warm tale about a poor farmer that suffers from amnesia and the magical sheep that go out into the big wide world and dangers of the city to try and find him is a wonderful soul stirring tear jerker.

Interestingly, this is no ordinary scripted toddler film. There is not a single line in the movie that is understandable English! The movie is all animal noises and heavily accented fun. Don’t let this turn you off because the jokes are hilarious as are the facial expressions of the characters. You and your toddler will be in hysterics watching this silent comedy together.

 2. The Muppet’s Take Manhattan

Put the remakes to one side please and head straight to the original Muppet film.

This crazy story of Kermit & the Muppet gang arriving in New York looking to make it big on Broadway is the only Muppet Film you ever need to see. One of the best toddler films ever made that will have Muma and Dad laughing harder than their child at the fantastic dialogue and jokes from the incredible Jim Henderson.

The characters will start with your toddler for their whole life and be passed on to the next generation, they are that amazing.

1. Toy Story

Did you guess?…

Toy Story 1 Film Poster

Our number one best movie for parents to watch with their toddler comes from the Team at over at Pixar, Toy Story, which was released back in 1996. When the hero of the story, Andy, receives a really cool new Buzz Lightyear toy figure, his all-time favourite toy, his cowboy toy named Woody gets insanely jealous.

Andy’s new toy, Buzz, believes he’s on a mission to find his home planet and when he is separated from Andy, with Woody, the toys start an amazing adventure to try and get back to where they both belong.

The animation and soundtrack are truly beautiful, the other toys are wonderful characters and you also have three further movies to enjoy after this one!

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